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Paraninfo: first centre accredited by the Instituto Cervantes in Spain

Since we first opened in 1973, we have spent most of our time implementing an effective teaching programme for our students at Paraninfo. Over the years we have developed an easy to follow methodology, which is not only effective but also fun. The management of the language school, aware of the hard work that the the staff had put into disseminating the Spanish language, did not stop until an official institution acknowledged this effort. By then, universities such as the University of Alcalá de Henares or the Pontifical University of Salamanca accredited centres or gave out diplomas, but the management of our school considered that the right institution for accreditation was, without a doubt, the Instituto Cervantes.

Centre accredited by the Instituto Cervantes Accreditation by the Instituto Cervantes

The application was well received by the Instituto Cervantes who had already established a series of requirements that centres needed to meet for accreditation. After several thorough inspections of the school, in the year 2000, it was decided that Paraninfo was to be the FIRST CENTRE ACCREDITED BY THE INSTITUTO CERVANTES in Spain.

The accreditation was made public in the year 2000 by a senior manager at a meeting of the Spanish Federation of Associations of schools of Spanish as a Foreign language (FEDELE). Now, after more tan 40 years, we feel proud of our management team, our teachers and our administrative staff, who have contributed to teaching Spanish as a foreign language to students from over 35 countries.

Spain has sun and beaches, but it also has something else: the Spanish language. The language of Cervantes is a treasure, which is spoken by millions all around the world. As a funny anecdote we may recall the story of a Spanish reporter in Texas, who surprised to hear a Slovenian women speaking perfect Spanish, asked her how come she spoke the language. She answered, if I didn't, then I wouldn't be Texan.

Today, Paraninfo feels proud of the work done to disseminate the Spanish Language, and grateful to the Instituto Cervantes for having encouraged us, with that accreditation, to continue to improve. It means that Paraninfo meets all the requirements of Instituto Cervantes Accreditation System for ELE centres, the sole international accreditation for centres teaching Spanish as a foreign language.

In Paraninfo we are constantly improving our academic activities and teaching quality, as well as the facilities and equipment to make sure your experience at Paraninfo is perfect.