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Franklin Folayan


Course: Spanish for foreigners

Franklin is a really hard-working student. What stands out most about this young man from Nigeria is his excellent personality. Friendly and always keen to take part, he's a great classmate. He always puts in 100%, studying and completing all the tasks and exercises that are set.

He's absolutely immersed in his learning, and his incredible motivation and attitude is worthy of praise.

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- Where were you born?


- I was born in Lagos, the most populous city in Nigeria.

- Why did you decide to learn Spanish?

- Well, because I'd like to study theology, and when I was in Nigeria they recommended one of the universities here: Universidad Pontificia de Comillas.

- Have you been in Spain long? Do you think you'll stay here?

- I wouldn't say I've been living here for a long time because I've only been here for 7 months, but then again "a long time" can mean different things for different people. To be honest, I'm happy here in Spain because I like having new experiences with people, but I also like my own culture. That's why I don't think I'll stay here. But if I had to stay, I would.

- What's been your experience of Madrid?

- I have to confess that, even though I haven't been here long, I've more than experienced Spanish culture and other countries' cultures. I think Spain, and particularly Madrid, is a place where you can find lots of people from all over the world. So I haven't had just the Spanish experience, I've also got to know other cultures by meeting people from other countries, both in the academy and in the house where I'm staying. Also, during my time here I've had the chance to live some of the national and local parties and celebrations in Spain. In general, my experience here has been extraordinary and enriching.

- Before you started classes, how good was your Spanish?

- Honestly, I couldn't really say anything before I started, and I thought it would be impossible to learn this quickly.

- Why did you choose our Spanish school? How are you finding the course?

- Almost all of the foreigners who live in my house studied Spanish in the academy and they speak really well. So, when I arrived to Spain I chose to do the same. In the beginning I was really worried that it would be very difficult, but quite quickly, with the help of the teachers who taught me and are still teaching me, my worries disappeared without me even noticing. I started off in the A1 classes, with Lucía and Aurora as my teachers, but I learned really quickly so I moved up to the A2 classes, with Silvia and Laura, who have been my teachers ever since; now I'm in the B2 classes. In general, the classes are going fantastically, mainly because the teachers are really good at their job, with a really dynamic and enriching teaching style.

- What's the best thing about you? What are your best qualities?

- The best thing about me?! If I'm not wrong, the best thing about me could be the fact that I'm really keen on learning, even when it seems very difficult. Because I like learning so much, I try to follow all of the advice my teachers give me for learning Spanish, and I always do my homework. I think I behave well in class too, and I interact with everybody.

- How is your Spanish coming along? Are you finding it difficult or is it easy?

- The fact that I'm interested in the course has really helped. I'm OK with being corrected, and I'm not afraid of making mistakes because I know that we learn a lot from our mistakes. I try to speak to natives and other Spanish speakers both inside the class and outside. I write texts and give them to my teachers to mark. I also try to read Spanish books, starting with the easiest, then onto the most difficult. To be honest, it hasn't been too easy to learn Spanish because I found it quite difficult in the beginning, but over time, and with a lot of work, I've started to find it easier.

- How do you feel about being selected as an outstanding student?

- Actually, I feel quite unworthy of being selected as an outstanding student. Lots of my classmates are very intelligent and seem more worthy of this than me. However, I think the school chose me because I try to be enthusiastic and encourage the others too, I get on with everybody and try to speak well in Spanish.

- Is there anything else you'd like to say?

- Just that I'm very happy to be a Paraninfo student and I'd recommend it to anybody who'd like to learn Spanish, regardless of their level or learning abilities. Thanks a lot!


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