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Paraninfo, academia en Madrid

+34 91 543 31 39 - info@paraninfo.com
C/ Princesa, 70 - Local comercial - 28008 Madrid

Lucía Rodríguez Gómez


Course: Spanish for foreigners

Lucía is a Spanish teacher who stands out most because of her friendliness and because teaching is what she was born to do. Her energy and enthusiasm for doing new things is contagious; her students have fun in class and feel good about their day to day lives. Because of all this, her students don't just have a nice time learning Spanish, they feel motivated to do everything.

Lucía is an excellent person with an extraordinary communicative ability and a huge heart. She's able to work untiringly from dawn til dusk, and still has a smile and a good mood at the end of the day.

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- What did you study at university? What did you specialise in?


- I graduated in Spanish Philology. Then I specialised in Spanish Language and Literature.

- What memories do you have of your university days? Would you class yourself as a geek? How do you remember your time as a student?

- I've never been a geek, and exam periods were always horrible because I got so nervous, but I didn't spend all my time in the cafe either, ok?! The truth is, I remember my school days more fondly.

- How and when did you start giving Spanish classes?

- By accident, about ten years ago. I applied to work with an NGO and they said I could help as a Spanish teacher for foreigners.

- What does your job involve?

- Giving Spanish classes. Me and my colleagues also keep the teaching materials up to date, and prepare our own materials too.

- Do you speak any other languages? Which would you like to master or learn more of?

- I speak English but my level is not so high any more - at work I can't practise! I'd like to learn French, Portuguese and Italian.

- What's the best thing about you? What are your abilities or virtues?

- I'm told that I take care of my personal life and that I was born to teach.

- How would you define yourself as a teacher? What's your teaching style?

- I put everything into my work and I know I have to keep on learning. To give classes I normally adapt to whatever the student needs (sometimes more grammar, other times more conversation), trying to create realistic situations, focus areas and a good relationship.

- What is it that you enjoy most about your job?

- That I don't have to sing.

- Any funny stories or fond memories? Anything out of the ordinary ever happened in class?

- Lots. Recently... In December, I was the only one with a view of the window and told everybody that it was snowing. One student had never seen snow before and got all excited, so we had a class based on that experience.

- Have you ever had a student that left an impression on you for whatever reason, and you never forgot?

- In a job like this you meet tonnes of people. I'm always saying hello and goodbye. There are lots of fantastic people in the world.


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