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Paraninfo, academia en Madrid

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Lina Houn


Course: Spanish for foreigners

Since her first Spanish class Lina has been the perfect example of a hard-working and diligent student. She has left a lasting impression on the school, because of both her good attitude and how hard she works.

She has really made the most of her time here and collaborated with her teachers in everything.

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- Where were you born?


- I was born in Harbin, in the Northeastern province of Heilongjiang, in China.

- Why did you decide to learn Spanish?

- I had the opportunity to come to Spain 10 years ago, and I liked the people and the culture, so I decided to study the language to learn more about the country.

- Have you been in Spain long? Do you think you'll stay here?

- This time I've been here for almost 3 weeks. I think that it really helps to live in a place if you want to learn its language. If I have more time for holidays I'd like to stay here.

- What's been your experience of Madrid?

- It was incredible and unforgettable. I've made friends from various countries.

- Before you started classes, how good was your Spanish?

- My Spanish level according to the Cervantes Institute in Beijing is C1.2, but with my grammar there's room for improvement.

- Why did you choose our academy?

- Last March I entered a writing competition in the Cervantes Institute in Beijing. The prize was to study Spanish for free at Paraninfo, and I got lucky because I won.

- What's the best thing about you?

- I think the best thing about me is that I don't give up when the going gets tough.

- How is your Spanish coming along? Are you finding it difficult or is it easy?

- I don't think it's that difficult, because my English helps at times. But it's not easy either, because you have to work a lot and practise a lot.

- How do you feel about being selected as an outstanding student?

- In my opinion, to be an outstanding student, first I've had to improve my Spanish. Second, I like helping other people if they have doubts in class. Third, more than just the language, you need to know the history, the culture and also about Latin America.

- Why do you think you were chosen?

- I wasn't the best at Spanish at the Cervantes Institute in Beijing. I took part in a competition, showed my skills and got lucky. That's why I was chosen. Besides, since I like the language and I want to learn it, I like participating in the activities organized by the CI (Cervantes Institute) in Beijing. When I have time to take part it gives me a lot of opportunities. In China we say: it's not the winning, it's the taking part.

- Do you have any more comments for this interview?

- I have to say thank you to Paraninfo again. Really, it was an unforgettable experience that has helped me a great deal to understand the country, the society and its people. I'm going to study more to improve and get to know even more of the world of Spanish.


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