Language Exchange Paraninfo

Paraninfo Academy is not just a Spanish school for foreigners. In our school we welcome a multitude of students who come to learn English, German, Italian, French, Russian, Chinese, and others.

In Paraninfo Academy we give our students the opportunity to experience the Spanish language inside and outside the classroom, since we are convinced that learning is not limited to the lesson and that it must also continue outside of it.

For this reason, we offer our students the opportunity to enjoy a couple of language exchanges to practice together two languages. Our language exchange meet-ups will take place twice a month in a Madrid venue.

From the very first moment a student enrolls in a language course, we offer the opportunity to attend different group activities which take place once or twice a month.

These meet-ups give students the opportunity to put into practice everything they have learned in the classroom, and also continue learning outside the classroom, in the real world.

Who can sign up?

Anyone can participate, regardless of age, profession, education, etc.

We give priority to the students enrolled in our school, however, we also allow anyone outside Paraninfo to sign up to these language exchanges.

How do I sign-up?

It is quite easy to sign-up, since the events will be posted on this section of our website, on our social networks, and on the school’s announcement boards.

How does it work?

The language exchanges between two people are very simple and you do not have to prepare anything previously, you only need to be looking forward to meeting new people from other countries and be ready to talk.

At the beginning we recommend speaking in each language for 20 to 25 minutes.