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DELE Exam Preparation Course – Group Lessons

Receive an official Spanish certification valid for life!

Our DELE Exam Preparation Course – Group Lessons will prepare you to pass and get the best desired test result.

from 89€ per week

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DELE Exam Preparation Course Private Lessons

Our DELE exam preparation private lessons give you the individualized attention you need so that you can prepare the exam at your own pace, in your own way, and at the time you choose.

Our Lessons

Our DELE preparation lessons consist of two modalities:

  • Private lessons for one person
  • Small group from 2 to 3 students

Your Spanish teacher will design a learning plan for your private lessons which will adapt to your specific requirements to help you pass the DELE exam without any problems.

You will practice with timed mock exams so that you can go to the exam feeling calm and confident.

This course is the best for:

  • Improving the specific areas of the DELE exam in which the student needs help.
  • Having personalized attention and lessons which adapt to the student’s rhythm and personality traits.
  • Choosing the schedule which best suits the student, from Monday to Saturday, either in the morning, midday, afternoon or evening/night.

Check out all the modalities of our courses with private lessons.

from 34€/lesson

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DELE Exam Preparation Lessons on Skype

Our Spanish lessons on Skype are perfect for anyone who needs to improve their Spanish quickly and effectively but lacks the time to regularly attend lessons at the school.


from 160€ ( 5 lessons )

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Spanish Course Gap Year and DELE exam

Take a break and spend a semester or more in Madrid, studying the Spanish language and culture. As you enjoy your sabbatical year you also get an official title of your Spanish language proficiency, DELE.

from 3,668€ (24 weeks)

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