Spanish school where we are


Our history, teaching Spanish since 1973

  • The first Cervantes Institute accredited school in the world
  • Founded in 1973
  • From 16 years old
  • 21 Classrooms
  • 10 Students maximum per classroom

Paraninfo Academy is a private language school that was started in 1973, which has been teaching languages to thousands of students from all over the world and also from Madrid. In addition to Spanish for foreigners, we also teach other languages such as English, German, Chinese, Italian, sign language, etc., IT, secretarial work, and academic support. Due to our long and successful track record we are a flagship school at both national and international level.

PARANINFO ACADEMY is located in Madrid’s famous university district called Argüelles, surrounded by shops, restaurants, and impressive green areas.

Our school is located in a beautiful XIX century building with more than 500 square meters of modern facilities, large windows, study room, and modern classrooms which welcome the student and encourage them to learn Spanish in a relaxed and effective way.

PARANINFO Academy, in addition to Intensive Spanish courses, also offers Programs for High School and University Groups, Urban Experience for Juniors, and others. Our academy is also a Training Center for Non-Native Teachers and a DELE and SIELE Examination Center. Do you want to know more?

Why choose us?

These five words have been defining us throughout more than thirty years of experience in the world of teaching:



Since PARANINFO opened its doors in 1973 to all the students with a desire to learn and enhance their educational training, we have not ceased our efforts to improve. During this time we have not stopped our work training nor lost our desire to improve with the experience and suggestions of all those who pass through our classrooms.


From the start, PARANINFO tries to only propose achievable objectives. This has allowed us to obtain continuous success in our proposed objectives. We do not want to sell unrealistic goals or projects that are not feasible in an honest and professional way.


Our Spanish teachers, our management, and the rest of our staff have the appropriate training to offer a high level of quality in all our services. We pride ourselves in the many years of work experience we posses, which has taught us to listen and understand the specific needs of each student, and always offer the most appropriate personalized solutions.


Both our students and the companies which have been working with us for years are a perfect example of this continuity. After finishing their lessons or training, there are many students who decide to start other courses with us, even courses in different areas such as languages ​​or technology. For us, this is an assurance that our students trust us with their education and training; and it is, by far, the best indicator that the work and effort have been worthwhile.

But there are many more reasons:

Our students choose us for:

For the quality of our teaching and competitive prices

We understand that coming to study in another country requires a great personal and financial effort.

We know that you cannot play with the value of education and learning a language.

That’s why our prices are affordable and competitive, and we offer Spanish courses of the highest quality and taught by the best teachers.

We honor our word and we do not sacrifice quality to obtain more profit.

Our gain and satisfaction is that our students learn Spanish effectively and want to stay with us, in an environment in which they can make friends of all nationalities.

Students come to us because of our great location

Paraninfo Academy is located in one of the best Madrid neighborhoods called, Argüelles. Not only the city’s University District, but also a neighborhood with a lot of tradition and history, shops, and restaurants. Parks, palaces, and cultural centers.

They come for our Spanish teachers

All our Spanish teachers are natives and have a great professional career in teaching Spanish. Motivated teachers who work and accompany students in their learning.