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Paraninfo, academia en Madrid

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Spanish Course and Preparation for University Entrance Exam: Selectividad and Pau

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This programme is designed for students who have passed their High School exams in their homeland and want to study in Spanish universities:

Part 1: Spanish course

The student is prepared for 36 weeks in order to obtain the level of Spanish required to enter a Spanish University, that is to say, a B2 level in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. It is a complete programme of Spanish language and culture that will enable you to achieve a high level of fluency in the language. This part is divided into 2 phases:

  • Phase 1: Spanish Language and Culture Course :
    • 28 weeks.
    • This phase focuses on learning Spanish. An intensive programme of 20 hours per week will help you to overcome any fear of speaking Spanish and give you the confidence to communicate in any environment, whether business, personal or academic.
  • Phase 2: DELE Preparation Course:
    • 8 weeks.
    • This course is aimed specifically towards preparing you for the Cervantes Institute DELE Exam. On completion of the course you will receive an official certificate demonstrating your linguistic abilities and therefore enabling you to enter a Spanish university.

Once you finish the first part, you begin the second part of the course, which prepares you specifically for the University Entrance Exams (called Selectividad or PAU).

Part 2: Preparation For University Entrance Exam

This 8-month course takes place in a prestigious study centre that was founded in 1950 and has extensive experience in preparing students for high school exams/A-levels and Selectividad/PAU, in collaboration with Paraninfo. We aim to help students to overcome any difficulties that might prevent them from passing the University Entrance Exams. The course starts in October and is designed for you to take the exam in June. When you pass, you can enrol in Spanish universities, both public and private. If you fail the exam in June or get low marks, you can retake it in September.

Other characteristics of the course:

  • Preparation for the UNED Selectividad (National University of Distance Learning).
  • Periodic tutorials with parents via e-mail, reporting on the progress of their children.
  • Tutorials with the students to check any organisational, personal or study-related problems.
  • Periodic evaluations and practice tests.
  • Extra support classes for students with specific problems.
  • Study Hall for students who lack a suitable environment for studying at home.
  • Career Guidance for students who need support in choosing their higher studies.

The UNIVERSITY ENTRANCE EXAM consists of 2 phases: a mandatory general phase, and a second optional one that allows the student to improve their marks by up to 4 points. This Study Centre prepares students for both phases.

  • Mandatory General Phase, 4 subjects
    • Spanish Language and Literature
    • History of Spain or History of Philosophy
    • English
    • A specialization subject
  • Optional specific phase to improve your marks, you can choose maximum 4 subjects
    • Physics
    • Chemistry
    • Biology
    • Geography
    • Earth sciences and the environment
    • Business Economics
    • Technical Drawing II
    • Mathematics II
    • Mathematics ACS II (Applied to Social Sciences)
    • History of Art
    • Universal Literature
    • Latin II

Qualification system for University Access

  • Average High School leaving qualification : 60%.
  • Entrance Exam Grade: 40% (General phase: maximum 10 points. Specific phase: maximum 4 points.).

In the specific phase the UNED chooses the best two marks from all the exams to make an average grade. Any negative marks (below 5) are not taken into account.


  • Starting:
    • Part 1: any Monday of the year. We recommend starting at least 9 months before the start of the University Entrance Preparation Course, i.e. at the beginning of January.
    • Part 2: October.
  • Duration:
    • Part 1: 36 weeks.
    • Part 2: 8 months.
  • Timetable Part 1:
    • 20 hours a week. 4 lessons of 55 minutes a day.
    • From Monday to Friday 10:00 - 14:00.
  • Timetable Part 2:
    • 25 hours a week.
    • From Monday to Friday 8:30 - 14:00.
  • Level:
    • Part 1: every level, from A1 to C2. DELE Preparation.
  • Required level:
    • Part 2:B2 level Spanish and High School Certificate validated in Spain with the average grade stated.
  • Number of students per class:
    • Part 1: maximum 10 , minimum 3.
    • Part 2: maximum 30 students in the general phase. Maximum 30 students in the second phase (an average of 15).

For more information about modalities and prices, please contact us and we will be attend to you the best we can.

Consult our accommodation options.

How are our courses?


Parte 1:

  • Only the course:
    • 5.476€.
  • Course + Stay with a family. Single room:
    • Half board: 13.000€.
    • Full board: 14.260€
  • Course + Stay in a shared flat. Single room
    • 9.040€.
  • Course + Several days or weeks of accommodation:
    • 1 night with a family, half board: 30€.
    • 1 night with a family, full board: 35€.
    • 4 weeks in a shared flat: 399€.

Parte 2:

  • Course registration:
    • 115€.
  • Obligatory General Phase:
    • 4 subjects: 2.200€.
  • Optional specific Phase:
    • 5 subjects: 2.280€.
    • 6 subjects: 2.360€.
    • 7 subjects: 2.440€.
  • Monthly payment:
    • Obligatory General Phase (4 subjects): 275€.
    • Monthly payment for both the first and the second phases (5 subjects: 285€, 6 subjects: 295€, 7 subjects: 305€.
  • The exam fees are not included in the price.
  • It is necessary to pay each term in advance, either in cash or by bank transfer to the Study Centre.

Consult the school calendar, payment forms, what is included in the price and our cancellation policy.

General information

  • Spanish level test:
    • We’ll assess your writing and speaking skills with a quick test, just to make sure you’re put into the right group. All of which is completely free.
    • You can take the online Spanish test and print it out and bring it with you to the academy, where you’ll only have the speaking test left to do.
  • Other advantages:
    • Free course book, free access to the library and multimedia room and free and unlimited Internet.
    • Selected cultural activities.
    • Diploma or certificate of attendance with the official seal of the Cervantes Institute
    • Personalized tutorials once a week.
    • ISIC Card: free for our students. More than 50,000 deals in Spain and in 130 countries.