Curso Español Au-pair

Spanish Course Au-Pair in Madrid

Duración curso
12 weeks minimum
Niveles español
Disponibilidad clases
All Year


Monday to Friday 10:00am to 2:00pm

We offer you an immersion in the Spanish language and culture while working as an Au Pair in a Spanish family in Madrid. What’s included?
  • 4 weeks of an Intensive 20 Spanish course.
  • Registration for the Au Pair Program in Madrid and search for a family.
Additional Benefits
  • Learn or improve your Spanish before starting your job as an Au Pair.
  • An advantage of this program is the chance to personally carry out the interview with the families and also the opportunity to meet them in person.
  • You can take your time to get to know the city and gain confidence with the language and the Spanish culture.
Optional: Accommodation in a shared flat with a private bedroom: 399€, 4 weeks. Special Conditions:
  • Native speakers of English, German, or French preferred.
  • At least 18 years old.

Precio del Curso de Español Au-Pair

4 weeks


Registration fee for new students: 45€


  • Religious congregations: 10%
  • Two or more members of the same family, simultaneously: 5%

Included in Registration

  • Welcome folder
  • Level Test
  • Internet and WiFi access
  • First textbook
  • Student assistance provided: flight purchases, transport information etc.
  • One or two free cultural activities per week
  • Language Exchange Services
  • Tutoring with teachers
  • Final certificate of course attendance and level acquired

Additional Benefits

  • You can combine your course with our Spanish Workshops or with Private Classes
  • Morning or evening timetables

Spanish Courses Au Pair in Paraninfo

Paraninfo’s Au Pair program is an international cultural exchange which offers young people the opportunity to spend time in Madrid while learning more about a different culture, improving their Spanish proficiency in exchange for assisting with the duties related to childcare.

The French term Au Pair means “at par” or “equal to”, indicating that the relationship between the Au Pair and the host family is intended to be one of equals.

Paraninfo Academy recommends coming 4 weeks before the start of your Au Pair job in order to learn the Spanish language and culture. During these four weeks, you will take an Intensive Spanish Course of 4 hours a day and have interviews with potential families where you will work as an Au Pair.

After these four weeks of the intensive Spanish course you will go to live and work with your assigned family.

The course does not include accommodation during the 4-week Spanish course. But we can find it for you, you can stay in our shared flat next to the school.

Who can be an Au Pair?

An Au Pair is a young person, a man or woman between 17 and 30 who stays with a local host family, learns their language and culture in exchange for assistance with child care responsibilities. An Au Pair receives housing, meals, and pocket money for personal expenses. The ‘Au Pair Program’ is mainly a cultural exchange, so the Host Family and the Au Pair must belong to different nationalities.

How long does the program last?

The length of stay depends on the Au Pair, the host family, and the regulations of the host country’s program. Some countries have established a minimum and maximum length of stay that generally varies from 3 to 12 months or 24 months. The duration of the program is flexible for Au Pairs within the European Union, as there are no visa requirements.

What are the Au Pair’s tasks?

The main responsibility of the Au Pair is to take care of the Host Family’s children, as well as to carry out tasks related to childcare. Au Pairs do not have to cook or clean.

What is the work schedule?

Depending on the host country, an Au Pair’s number of work hours may vary. In most countries, they must work a maximum of 30 hours per week. Both the Au Pair and the Host Family must agree on a timetable and the manner in which those hours will be divided.

How much pocket money will an Au Pair receive?

The official program of each country establishes the minimum amount of pocket money that an Au Pair should earn when working the maximum hours allowed.

Do Au Pairs have the right to spare time and holidays?

Au Pairs are generally entitled to 1-2 days off per week (in some countries, at least one of the days off must be Sunday) and in some cases they will also be entitled to enjoy at least one weekend off per month. In most countries, Au Pairs have up to 4 weeks of paid vacation for a 12-month stay.

An immersion program in the Spanish language and culture working as an Au pair with a Spanish family in Madrid.

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