Private Spanish lessons for the official CCSE Exam Preparation

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According to the student's availability lecciones / semana
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From Monday to Saturday according to the student's availability
Lecciones de 55 minutos.

The Private Spanish Lessons for the official CCSE Exam Preparation give you the individualized attention you need to pass the CCSE exam. You can prepare for the exam at your own pace, in your own way and at the time you choose.

How are our private lessons to prepare you for the nationality exam?

Our courses are the best because:

  • They improve the specific parts of the exam in which the student needs to improve.
  • They offer you personalized attention and lessons which adapt to the student’s rhythm and personal needs.
  • The student can choose the schedule that better suits them, from Monday to Saturday.


10 lessons
20 lessons
40 lessons
1 lesson

Inscripción: 45€

Incluido en la inscripción:

  1. Welcome folder
  2. Level Test
  3. Internet Access and WiFi
  4. First textbook
  5. Student assistance provided: flight purchases, transport information, etc.
  6. Language Exchange Services
  7. Mentoring with teachers
  8. Final certificate of course attendance and level acquired

Ventajas adicionales:

  • Morning or evening timetables.

What is the CCSE exam?

It is an exam which tests your Constitutional and Sociocultural Knowledge of Spain, and it is necessary to obtain Spanish nationality. Created by the Cervantes Institute, it evaluates the knowledge of the Constitution and of the Spanish social and cultural reality. Candidates over 18 years old of any nationality can register.

The exam is organized in two large sections divided into five tasks and 25 questions:

  • Government, legislation and citizen participation in Spain.
  • Spanish culture, history and society.

How much does the registration for the CCSE exam cost?

The registration price for the CCSE exam in 2018 and in 2019 is 85€. However, the price is reviewed annually therefor you should check the prices every year.

Where is the exam taken?

Paraninfo Academy is an examination center for the CCSE exam. You can register online on the Cervantes Institute website. During the registration process select our center, PARANINFO ACADEMY, and the date when you would like to take the exam.

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