Curso Español Au-Pair

Intensive Spanish Course for Au-Pairs in Madrid

Course students
Max. 12 students
Course duration
From 4 weeks
Spanish Levels
All levels
Availability classes
All Year

If you are already working as an Au Pair but you want to improve your Spanish, the Intensive Spanish Course 10 for Au-Pairs is perfect for you. The aim of the classes is to deepen your knowledge of the language, combining work with a Spanish course for the best price and with flexible schedules.

By speaking Spanish more fluently, you can relate better to the family that is hosting you. In addition, you can enjoy your stay in the city even more and soak up the most of our culture and our way of life.


Our offer is the most requested course for Au Pairs in Madrid, both for students and for families hosting Au Pairs and wish to offer an extra complement to their salary. Of course, we are aware of the economic effort made by both the Au Pairs and the hosting families and that is why we offer a program of Spanish classes at a very reasonable price.

As for the schedule, there is no problem. You will have 2classes every day with several options both in the morning and in the afternoon. Even if you have only a few hours off, you can combine work with classes without interfering with your tasks such as dropping the children off at the school.

We have been working with families and agencies that work with Au Pairs for more than 20 years.They all recommend our school and our Intensive Spanish Course for Au-Pairs to learn Spanish as a plus to your pay and your stay in Madrid.

Come to Paraninfo, sign up, and make the most of your trip to Spain.

Prices of the Intensive Spanish Course for Au-Pairs

4 weeks
40 lessons


5 weeks
50 lessons


6 weeks
60 lessons


Extra week


Classes Timetable

weekly hours
days a week
From Monday to Friday
daily hours
10am - 12pm
12pm - 2pm
5pm - 7pm
7pm - 9pm

Registration fee for new students: 45€

Included in Registration

  • Welcome folder
  • Level Test
  • Internet and WiFi access
  • Student assistance provided: flight purchases, transport information etc.
  • Two or three free cultural activities per week
  • Tutoring with teachers
  • Final certificate of course attendance and level acquired

Additional Benefits

  • You may combine your lessons with other Cultural Activities
  • You can combine your course with our Spanish Workshops or with Private Classes
  • Morning or evening timetables

Are you working as an Au Pair? We have the perfect course for your schedule and your budget

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