Hands-on Lessons and Tutorials for Spanish Language Teachers

3 alumnos máx
25 lecciones / semana
Minimum 2 weeks (45 hours)
Niveles español
C1, C2
Todo el año


Monday to Friday from 10:00am to 4:00pm
Lecciones de 55 minutos.

In this course of practical lessons and tutorials for ELE teachers, the main objective is for the student to acquire the necessary hands-on training in language teaching methodology to be able to work professionally as a Spanish teacher anywhere in the world.

The course is aimed at both native and non-native teachers with or without experience in teaching ELE.

Course Benefits:

Acquire the necessary training, with hands-on practice, to be able to work as a Spanish teacher anywhere in the world.

Added benefits:

The opportunity to teach real Spanish lessons with students in our school.

Special Conditions:

Have at least a C1 level of Spanish proficiency if the student is not Spanish.



Inscripción: 45€

Incluido en la inscripción:

  1. Carpeta de bienvenida
  2. Test de Nivel
  3. Acceso a Internet y WiFi
  4. Primer libro de estudio
  5. Servicio de ayuda al estudiante: compra de billetes, información sobre transportes, etc.
  6. Servicio de Intercambio de Idiomas
  7. Tutorías con los profesores
  8. Certificado final de asistencia al curso y nivel obtenido

Ventajas adicionales:

  • Puedes combinar las clases otras actividades culturales.
  • Horarios de mañana o tarde.
  • También puedes combinar tu curso con nuestros talleres de español o con clases privadas.

Do two weeks of practical lessons and tutorials of teaching Spanish as a foreign language with Paraninfo Academy.

We have been teaching Spanish for more than 45 years and training ELE teachers, both native and non-native speakers. In addition, we have helped thousands of teachers from different countries to develop their skills and confidence in the classroom.

Our course is led by our Spanish Study Directors from the first moment to help the future teacher develop their knowledge and skills and take their teaching to the next level.

The course consists of theoretical lessons with academy tutors and hands-on lessons with our ‘Spanish for foreigners’ students. Moreover, it is offered as an intensive 2-week course throughout the year.

C1 is the minimum Spanish proficiency level for candidates whose mother tongues is not Spanish.