Spanish Course and ‘Madrid in TV Series: ‘Money Heist’ Experience

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Monday to Friday 10:00am to 2:00pm
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Lecciones de 55 minutos.

Spanish Course and ‘Madrid in TV Series:  ‘Money Heist’ Experience

A unique and original program which focuses on learning Spanish in and out of the classroom through an immersion in Spanish culture with unique experiences such as a tour of the scenes of the international TV series ‘Money Heist’.

Learn Spanish in our course and be the main character of your favorite series, visiting the real scenes from the series in Madrid.

What’s included?

  • A visit to the locations where the famous series ‘Money Heist’ was filmed.
  • One escape game based on the famous series.



Inscripción: 45€

Incluido en la inscripción:

  1. Carpeta de bienvenida
  2. Test de Nivel
  3. Acceso a Internet y WiFi
  4. Primer libro de estudio
  5. Servicio de ayuda al estudiante: compra de billetes, información sobre transportes, etc.
  6. Una o dos actividades culturales gratuitas a la semana
  7. Servicio de Intercambio de Idiomas
  8. Tutorías con los profesores
  9. Certificado final de asistencia al curso y nivel obtenido

Ventajas adicionales:

  • Puedes combinar las clases otras actividades culturales.
  • También puedes combinar tu curso con nuestros talleres de español o con clases privadas.

If you are passionate about TV series and one of your favorites is ‘Money Heist‘, Madrid is your city.

We propose a special program: Spanish Course and ‘Madrid in TV Series: ‘Money Heist’ Experience

In the morning you will have your intensive Spanish course and at 2:00pm we will tour Madrid’s sites where the TV series was filmed ‘Money Heist’, and on a different day you will participate in an escape game based on the series.

An record-breaking phenomenon

According to Netflix, the Spanish TV series ‘Money Heist’ created by Álex Pina in 2017, is the most-watched non-English language series ever on their streaming service.

It is the first Spanish TV series to win an International Emmy Award for best drama.

After watching the series, we’re sure that the first place you’ll want to visit is the real National Coinage and Stamp FactoryRoyal Mint of Spain, but in reality, the exterior scenes of the series were shot in the Spanish Council of Scientific Investigations (CSIC), since the official building is located on a narrow street which did not allow the shooting of exterior scenes.

Other scenes of the series

Desguaces ‘El Choque’ – In this location one of the series’ main characters, The Professor, has to eliminate evidence while the police follows him closely. It has also served as the stage for other Spanish TV series and even for the movie ‘Torrente’.

The ABC newspaper printing plant– The interior of this newspaper’s print shop sets the stage for those scenes in which the heist crew prints the money. It is currently where this national newspaper is published.

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