Curso Español Negocios

Private Spanish Business Classes

Course students
Max. 1 student
Course duration
From 10 lessons
Spanish Levels
B1 B2 C1 C2
Availability classes
All Year


From Monday to Saturday according to the student's availability

Private Spanish Business Classes give you the individualized attention you need to improve your Spanish focusing on business. Therefore, it is a perfect option to improve your job prospects or to develop your professional career.

It is a course mainly aimed at students of level B2, C1 or C2. The program is designed to familiarize you with both the specific language and the culture of the business world in Spanish.

The content of the Private Spanish Business Classes will depend largely on your specific interests. That’s why your teacher will first perform an analysis of what you need. Then, it will present a series of themes and together you will choose the most interesting.

This course is also available for companies interested in offering specific training of business Spanish to their employees in their workplace.

Prices of the Business Spanish Classes

1 lesson


20 lessons


10 lessons


40 lessons


Registration fee for new students: 45€


  • Over 60 years: 10%
  • Religious congregations: 10%
  • Two or more members of the same family, simultaneously: 5%

Included in Registration

  • Welcome folder
  • Level Test
  • Internet and WiFi access
  • First textbook
  • Student assistance provided: flight purchases, transport information etc.
  • One or two free cultural activities per week
  • Language Exchange Services
  • Tutoring with teachers
  • Final certificate of course attendance and level acquired

Additional Benefits

  • You may combine your lessons with other Cultural Activities
  • Morning or evening timetables

Contents of Private Spanish Business Classes

The contents are adapted according to the student’s professional sector and its objectives but it is always divided into two blocks:

  • Theoretical part: acquisition of vocabulary and communication skills specific to the business world.
  • Practical part: activities that bring students closer to the economy of Spain and South America, studying and analyzing real cases.

In addition, we can organize visits to companies.

Certify your level

You can also take advantage of the Spanish Business Classes to prepare the Madrid Chamber of Commerce Exam. Thus, you can demonstrate your level of competence and specific knowledge of the business language. Companies will have the assurance that you can communicate in administrative and commercial settings.

Please note that the exam fees are not included in the price of the course.

Speak Spanish and do not miss out on any business opportunities

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