Spanish Course and ‘Shopping Experience’ in Madrid

Max. students: 10
55 min. lessons
Duración mínima
From 1 week
Todos los niveles
All Year


Monday to Friday 10:00am to 2:00pm
The activities take place in the afternoon / evening

Spanish Course and ‘Shopping Experience’ in Madrid:

A unique and original program which focuses on learning Spanish both inside and outside the classroom and through an immersion in the Spanish culture with different experiences such as getting to know Madrid through its stores. Learn Spanish and its culture through a different and unique program. If you are passionate about fashion, Madrid is your city. While you learn Spanish in the classroom, you will put into practice what you have learned by doing what you are passionate about; shopping, whether it is fashion, antiques, or furniture. Madrid will amaze you! What’s included? Intensive Spanish Course 20 lessons + 2 or 4 visits to different shopping areas in Madrid with a personal shopper. Shopping in the most emblematic commercial places of Madrid, touring the shops of Spanish brands and “secret” shops in Madrid:
  • Salamanca Neighborhood
  • Rastro de Madrid (Madrid’s iconic outdoor market)
  • Gran Vía
  • Chueca
  • Las Rozas Village (shopping center)
  • Outlets
Visit the ‘Museo del Traje’ in Madrid (fashion/costume museum). This program can be combined with other activities such as:
  • Spa treatment
  • Beauty session in a specialized center
  • Brunch in a trendy Madrid restaurant
  • Wine tasting
  • An afternoon of yoga
  • Private hairdressing session (Upon request)

Precios del Curso de Español y Experiencia de Compras por Madrid


1 semana + 2 visitas weeks

20 lessons


1 semana + 4 visitas weeks

20 lessons


2 semanas + 4 visitas weeks

40 lessons


Registration fee for new students: 45€


  • Over 60 years: 10%
  • Religious congregations: 10%
  • Two or more members of the same family, simultaneously: 5%

Included in Registration

  • Welcome folder
  • Level Test
  • Internet Access and WiFi
  • First textbook
  • Student assistance provided: flight purchases, transport information etc.
  • Language Exchange Services
  • Mentoring with teachers
  • Final certificate of course attendance and level acquired

If you love shopping, Madrid is your city.

We propose a very special program: Spanish Course and ‘Shopping Experience’ in Madrid

Accompanied by a personal shopper, we will discover the shopping routes of Madrid, from the famous and most luxurious shops in the Salamanca neighborhood, to the most trendiest alternative shops in the Chueca neighborhood or El Rastro (open-air flea market).

You will discover the best shops of Spanish and international brands, wonderful outlets of top clothing and shoe bands. Also original and unique second-hand shops. Clothes, furniture, decor, everything is here in Madrid.

Madrid’s open-air market, the Rastro.

Open-air market which origins go back to the 15th century, where the merchants sold old clothes or meat from recently butchered cattle. Today in Madrid’s Rastro Market, instead of animals, you can find all kinds of things; new, second-hand, antiques, artisan, religious, artistic, the most chic or the most vintage. Let yourself be immersed with the atmosphere and enjoy a walk around the different stalls.

Gran Vía.

One of the most iconic streets of Madrid is its ‘Gran Vía; a long and wide avenue recently renovated with more trees, wider sidewalks, and with traffic reduced to public transport, bicycles and authorized vehicles. It will be a wonderful experience to go shopping at the ‘Gran Vía’ where you can find the most popular international brands, historic buildings of emblematic architecture, and leisure venues such as cinemas, theaters, and restaurants.


We have already talked about the Chueca neighborhood in the ‘Madrid and its Neighborhoods’ experience. Another of its many claims is the shopping tour you can take around its stores. Find unique clothing, original accessories, and expensive brand names at an affordable price. Shopping in this neighborhood is undoubtedly a pleasure for all the senses. Come to check it out!

Las Rozas Village (shopping center).

It isn’t just an outlet mall with some of the most important brands, but also a destination for shopping, art, creativity, gastronomy, and decoration. Because here you have it all, with discounts of up to 60% off the original price in more than a hundred luxury boutiques. It provides exclusive services such as tourist information, Tax-Free Shopping, and Concierge, which will make you feel as a very special guest.

Madrid awaits you! You will greatly enjoy our Spanish Course and ‘Shopping Experience’, discover Madrid’s secret shopping places with us!