Curso Español Jóvenes

Spanish Course and ‘Summer Urban Experience for Teens’ in Madrid

Duración curso
Minimum of 1 week
Niveles español
Todos los niveles


Monday to Friday from 10:00am to 2:00pm (Spanish lessons) // 3:00pm to 10:00pm (cultural activities)

There is no better way to learn Spanish than to visit one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world. Madrid sets the stage for numerous films, TV series, books, fashion and much more! Madrid is a multicultural city like no other in the world. You will improve your Spanish without realizing it, in a practical and fun way with our summer courses for teens.

Precios del Curso de Español de Verano y Experiencia Urbana en Madrid para Juniors

1 week


Horarios de las clases

weekly hours
días por semana
Monday to Friday
daily hours
10am - 2pm

Registration fee for new students: 45€


  • Two or more members of the same family, simultaneously: 5%

Included in Registration

  • Welcome folder
  • Level Test
  • Internet and WiFi access
  • First textbook
  • Student assistance provided: flight purchases, transport information etc.
  • Language Exchange Services
  • Final certificate of course attendance and level acquired

Additional Benefits

  • You may combine your lessons with other Cultural Activities
  • Morning or evening timetables

Spanish Course and ‘Summer Urban Experience for Teens’ in Madrid

In our Spanish Course and ‘Summer Urban Experience for Teens’ in Madrid, students have Spanish lessons in the morning, from 10:00am to 2:00pm and then change the classroom for the streets of Madrid, spending the rest of the day exploring the city.

These are some of the activities we offer in our Spanish Course and ‘Summer Urban Experience for Teens’ in Madrid:


Sing in Spanish with your friends!

This is an excellent opportunity to practice your Spanish pronunciation while having fun with your friends learning new Spanish songs.

Escape Room

We will choose several themes, such as El Misterio de Don Quijote or La Casa de Papel, a world-renowned Spanish TV series .

Treasure Hunt around Madrid

It will allow us to learn the city’s history through an interactive game exploring its streets and interacting with local people.

Field Trips

To World Heritage cities such as Toledo, Segovia, and El Escorial .

In addition: Spanish cooking classes, flamenco or salsa dance classes, student exchange with local students from Spain …

The ACCOMMODATION, your Madrid host family

You will stay with a host family from Madrid which will make you feel at home. This is the best way to practice your Spanish and immerse yourself in the way of life and learn about the Spanish culture.


A member of the School or their representative will be waiting for the student at the baggage reclaim exit at the airport. Students will be taken to their Madrid home with the family with whom they will reside during the program.


There is a 24-hour emergency telephone number and an e-mail that we will provide to both mentors and students in the program conformation.

JOIN US! Learn Spanish while having fun with our Spanish Course and ‘Summer Urban Experience for Teens’ in Madrid

Learn Spanish in a different way in Madrid, a young summer in the most cosmopolitan city!

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