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All year.

Single or double rooms.

Breakfast, half board or full board.


Host Family

Living with a host family in Madrid can make your stay an unforgettable and rewarding experience. It can provide you with a true persfective and immersion in the Spanish culture.



per person/week

What are Host Families?

A host family is a family who welcomes to their home a non-family member, typically from a different country or culture, to stay at no cost. They are families who share with the student their traditions, meals, habits, and Spanish upbringing.


Our host families have been carefully selected, and have been collaborating with us for many years. They are families who enjoy hosting students of other nationalities, sharing their house, meals, dinners, and talking with the students.

You should know that in Spain there are many types of host families:

  • The traditional family; father, mother, and children.
  • Widowed or separated older women.
  • Senior retired couples.
  • Divorced people or single parents

Most of the host families live in flats (small and medium) located in different neighborhoods of the city of Madrid.


They offer accommodation, and a total immersion in the Spanish language and culture. They offer the student friendship and a lot of affection.

Types of Meal Plans

Breakfast, half board or full board.

Advantages of this type of Accommodation

You will love staying with a Spanish family because:

You will eat authentic Spanish food.
One of the best ways to get to know the Spanish culture and its traditions is through its gastronomy. You will learn how they do their shopping, the habit of buying fresh produce every day, eating a lot of fish, various meats, and vegetables. You will find out that in Madrid the most important dish in winter and at weekends it isn’t the paella, it is the famous “Cocido madrileño”, or that we have breakfast twice a day, once at home and another at a café around 11am in the morning, typically a Spanish omellette with a coffee. Dare to try?

The best way to practice your Spanish.
Daily conversations will help you to learn new vocabulary, expressions, and common phrases which you might not hear in the classroom. In Spain, people talk openly about everything and ask a lot of questions.

The best city guides in Madrid, your Spanish family.
The best advice you can get while in Madrid, is from those who live here. Therefore, living with a family provides some amazing guidance. Strolling through the city, finding the grocery store, learning how to use the public transport and planning other trips around the country with their help, will greatly enhance your stay in Madrid.

You build real friendships
Creating these relationships forces you to leave your comfort zone, the ‘bubble’ in which we sometimes live in our home country. Your host family will introduce you to other people, which will help you to make new friends.

It helps to not feel like a tourist while living in a new country.
Having a place to call home makes you feel that you are not just a tourist visiting the city for a few weeks, but that you are becoming a local in your host country. It helps you adapt to the Spanish lifestyle. For example, you will discover that in Spain lunch is usually at 3pm and dinner at 10pm.

Examples of families in Madrid hired by Paraninfo

Transfers to the academy

The families are located no more than 30 minutes on public transportation from the Academy.

Payment procedures (at the Academy)


All year.


Accommodation Registration: 30€.

Prices per person/week.

Single Bedroom + Breakfast
Single Bedroom + Half-board
Single Bedroom + Full-board
Double bedroom + Breakfast
Double bedroom + half-board
Double bedroom + Full-board