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Do you know what the locals are called?

What is the narrowest house in Madrid?

Madrid’s Streets

This is due to a soldier from Alfonso VI’s army, which were trying to conquer Mayrit (the Arabic citadel where later Madrid was born) in 1083. The soldier began to climb the citadel’s wall and the king, astonished by what he saw, said “it looks like a cat”.

Madrid’s Streets

The narrowest house in Madrid

The narrowest house in Madrid is located in 61 Calla Mayor and it used to be Calderón de la Barca’s residence, a famous Spanish writer.

The longest street in Madrid?

It is Calle Alcalá which has a length of 10km and the shortest is Calle Rompelanzas (with a length of only 20 meters).

Landmarks and Monuments

What is Madrid’s symbol?

It is “el oso y el madroño” (the bear and the strawberry tree) and its famous statue is located in Puerta del Sol square. Some people think that the bear is actually a female bear and that it represents the Ursa Major constellation. But others say that the bear represents the bear population that used to inhabit the area where the city was built, as well as the famous straweberry tree.

The Royal Palace

Our Royal Palace is record-breaking: it is the largest in Western Europe, even bigger than Buckingham Palace.

Cibeles Square

Cibeles Square is not only the fountain where the Real Madrid football team celebrates its victories, it is so much more. Cibeles Square is part of Bank of Spain’s security system. If the chambers, where the gold is stored, were to be robbed, the fountain has a pipe system which would flood the chambers with water.

Eating in Madrid

What is Madrid’s typical “fast food”?

Nooo, it’s not the paella, nor the tortilla. It’s the calamari sandwich. No one can come to Madrid and leave without eating one.

The oldest restaurant

The oldest restaurant in the world, Sobrino de Botín, opened in 1725 and it is located in Madrid.

There is a lot more to discover. Madrid is full of surprises, urban myths, and oddities!