Paraninfo Academy makes it easy for you. If you’d like we will pick you up at the airport and take you by private high-end car to your accommodation in Madrid and back, at any time.

  • Nº of people Price per person and journey
  • 1 person 65€
  • 2 people or more 35€


If you are going to come to Spain from a non-EU country, in Spain to acquire a Student Visa or another Visa you must take out insurance to travel here. Even though for students from European countries it is not compulsory it is, however, recommended.

Paraninfo Academy works with the best insurance company, GUARD.ME. It is an international insurance, with a very good price and a wide network of affiliated medical centers. The coverage of GuardMe (Global Plan B and Canada) uses an “open” system since you can go to any clinic or health center.

On the other hand it is a “mixed” system because it operates through “reimbursement” or in “welfare” form (this depends on several factors, such as destination / city, urgency, etc.). For example: if one carries out programmed studies, arranged by a professional, and consults and / or coordinates with GuardMe, normally no previous payment is necessary and GuardMe takes care of the expenses. In which case, a reimbursement would not being necessary. Likewise, in case of an emergency – holding the credential and personal documents, the medical center usually contacts
GuardMe for the administrative details of the case.

Student Insurance
  • Medical Insurance for students outside of their country
  • Covers emergencies and emergencies due to pre-existing health problems
  • You can go to any hospital or health center
  • Coverage of medications, hospitalization, tests, etc.
  • No deductible
  • The coverage is valid throughout the world (except in the student’s country)
  • The option to include an accompanying family member and children who study or receive training (from 15 days old)
  • A time period for tourism can be included (up to 50% of educational program)
  • Maximum age: GLOBAL: 60 years old
  • Minimum contract: 1 week (7 days)
  • The (Global) coverage also includes some “traveler” type items with limitations (e.g. luggage, passport, luggage delay, etc).


Mandatory for students who are 18+ years old and for internship programs.

  • Price per week (includes hospitalization and medical repatriation)From 10€ /week


  • For original certificates or original letters of invitation to Europe or USA55€
  • Eastern Europe 85€
  • Other Countries115€