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Test de nivel de inglés online

Puede evaluar sus conocimientos de inglés con nuestro test de nivel online. Tras completar el test, la corrección se realizará inmediatamente y se enviará al correo electrónico que indique.

El nivel real debería evaluarse con una prueba oral de inglés que podrá realizar gratuitamente en nuestra escuela. De esta forma, si decide matricularse en uno de nuestros cursos podremos ubicarle en un grupo con el nivel que mejor se adapte a sus necesidades.

Datos personales

Todos los campos son obligatorios.





Selecciona la composición correcta para completar la frase, debe contestar a todas las preguntas:

  1. He   hungry.
  2. - What   do?
    - I'm a doctor
  3. Where does he   ?
  4. I   up at 7 o'clock every morning.
  5. I'm going   London.
  6. - Where is James?
    - He   television.
  7. - Do you speak french?
    - No,  .
  8.   is this dictionary?
  9. I haven't got   money.
  10. He is   Waterloo Station.
  11. I go to the office   foot.
  12. He is wearing his   shirt.
  13. Henry drives   than Hamish.
  14. You like football,  ?
  15. I live a few yards   the post office.
  16. I often   here.
  17. He'll have   another job.
  18. He   about half an hour ago.
  19. Next year, we   to buy a house.
  20. I get   home at half past seven.
  21. Have you met the woman   husband is an engineer?
  22. Was he   in the accident?
  23. We   to hurry or we'll arrive late.
  24. I am used   at six o'clock.
  25. - Who's just left?
  26. The poor girl   if nobody tries to save her life.
  27. Would you mind   these letters for me?
  28. I went as quickly as I could but he   when I got there.
  29. I   English since the last time I went to England.
  30. They are having   again.