Condiciones generales

Upon signing the registration form or payment of reservation fee, the student accepts the terms and conditions underwritten in this document.

  1. The course fee includes: welcome pack, enrolment, course book, information about the school and Madrid, some cultural activities, Internet and Wi-Fi access at the school, attendance and level certificate (please note that our courses do not lead to an official certificate). We offer a student assistance service (purchase of tickets, information on transport, etc.), tutorial sessions with teachers, and an International Student Identity Card (ISIC). There is a registration fee of 45€ in addition to the course fee.
  2. Not included in the course fee: Airport transport, travel health insurance, some activities in the cultural program, final examination, and examination fees.
  3. Included in the accommodation fee 30€:  organizing and arranging accommodation.
  4. To reserve: please send us your completed registration form by post or email. You can also register online using the form on our website:
  5. How to enroll. Complete and send the enrollment form:
    • On our website:
    • By e-mail:
    • By post: C/ Princesa, 70 – 28008 Madrid , Spain
    • Upon receipt of your registration form we will email you to confirm your reservation with a breakdown of the course and accommodation fees. You will be requested to pay a deposit of 200€, which will be deducted from the final invoice (this is non-refundable). After receiving payment of the deposit (200€) or the total amount of the program, you will be formally registered at the school. You will then receive the confirmation of your course, a level test and detailed information about the course and accommodation. If this advance payment is not received within the prescribed period, we reserve the right to cancel the reservation. We will not accept payment without receiving the enrolment form. The remainder of the course and accommodation fees must be paid in Euros, by bank transfer 15 days prior to the start date of the course or in cash or by credit card on the first day of the course at our office. Discounts are only possible in cash and bank transfer payments.
      • Bank 0075, Agency 0134, DC 72, Account 0601830723
      • IBAN: ES5600750134720601830723
    • Please send us a copy of the bank receipt by email ( Please include your name and the type of course you are attending. All bank fees are payable by the student.
  6. Courses: PARANINFO will place the student in a suitable group for their level. Any level or schedule changes requested by the student must be approved by the Head of Studies and is subject to availability. The student will be given a schedule in the week prior to the beginning of their course. Nevertheless, we reserve the right to change the latter according to our organizational needs. The minimum age for students is 16 years old, except in the Junior Courses or closed groups; students younger than 18 need a written authorization from their parents. Violence or disrespect to other students or PARANINFO employees (due to religion, gender or sexual orientation) may result in the student being expelled from the school.
  7. COURSE ACCREDITATION: PARANINFO will give at the end of their course program to all of our students a personalized certificate in accordance with the guidelines established by the Instituto Cervantes and the current legislation regulating non-accredited education. This certificate will contain the name of the course taken, course level, and number of hours completed. The name of the school in which the class(es) were given, dates of enrollment, and level achieved will also be included.  This certificate is not valid as an official document in accordance with the legislation regulating non-accredited education. Course certificates will only be issued to students who attend at least 85% of their classes.
  8. Cancellation, postponement or interruption of courses:
    If cancellations are made by the students two weeks or more prior to the course start date, PARANINFO will refund the full cost of the program (if full payment was made in advance), with the exception of the 200 € course deposit. No refund will be made for cancellations of courses cancelled within 15 days or less of the course starting date. Cancellations will not be accepted unless made in writing. For security reasons, cancellations cannot be made over the phone and PARANINFO must be notified of any cancellation requests in writing. Number of students per class: groups will have a minimum of 4 students and a maximum of 10 students, except in closed groups, au-pairs courses and evening courses will be 14.  If there are not enough students to make up a group before the course starts or during its development, students will be offered a place in a smaller group or one-to-one class, and the teaching time will be reduced according to the amount paid. Students who start but do not finish their program will not be refunded any amount of course and accommodation fees.
  9. Cancellation, postponement or interruption of accommodation:
    The student must notify us of their approximate arrival time in Madrid at least one week before the course begins. PARANINFO reserves the right to change the accommodation before the student’s arrival for another one of similar or identical characteristics without prior notice and at no additional cost. Double room bookings will be accepted only for people who travel together. Students will not be refunded for the postponement or cancellation of accommodation once the course has started and the student has stayed in the accommodation.

    • PARANINFO will keep 100€ if a cancellation of accommodation is made within 15 days before the course’s beginning date.
    • If the student requests a change of accommodation, a 30€ fee will be charged. Any changes, when requested, are subject to availability. If the change entails additional costs, the student will be notified of this and will have to cover these costs before the change takes place. Except in special cases, all changes of accommodation must be made after noon on Sunday. The student must comply with the landlord’s/accommodation rules. Failure to comply with the rules may result in the student being expelled from the accommodation.
  10. Airport pick-up service: Flight information (departure city, date and flight number) must be confirmed in writing at least one week prior to arrival, otherwise PARANINFO will accept no responsibility for picking up the student from the airport and no refund will be given or if delays and changes to flight schedules are not notified in advance. We will provide the student a telephone number in which they can contact the person in charge of transportation. This person will wait, at the most, 60 minutes after the planned time of the flight’s arrival. If the student does not contact them, the service will be cancelled. However, the student is responsible for all costs.
  11. Insurance: Students are not insured by PARANINFO against illness, accident, theft, damage or loss of personal items and the school cannot assume responsibility in case of such occurrences. You should check if your country has health insurance arrangements with Spain. If this is the case, you should obtain all forms and documentation before leaving your own country. (European Community nationals are insured through the state insurance fund against accident and illness. Non-European Community nationals should have an international health insurance policy that is valid for Spain). Health insurance is essential for all students; full private insurance is always recommended (travel, cancellation, property loss etc.). Make sure that your medical insurance covers all possible emergencies. Medical and Travel Insurance: PARANINFO offers the possibility of arranging medical insurance for the students (see price list) with Guard me.
  12. Public Holidays: Classes which fall on a national holiday (Madrid).
    There will be no lessons on some public holidays. No compensation will be made for these days; only private lessons or group programmes can be made up. In case of two public holidays in the same week one of the days will be made up. Note that both national and local holidays may be subject to change, check with us the exact closing dates before enrolling.
  13. Visas: for students from non-EU member states. EU citizens (from the European Union) do not need a visa to attend courses. Non-EU citizens (from countries which are not in the European Union) should contact the relevant Spanish Embassy or Consulate for information on the requirements for studying in Spain. If the student needs a letter of confirmation from the school to apply for a visa, the programme and accommodation fees must be paid in full before the requested documentation will be sent. Payment in this case will only be accepted by bank transfer. When PARANINFO receives it, the letter of confirmation will be sent to the address provided by the student. If the student prefers to have the documentation sent by courier (e.g. UPS), they must pay the delivery costs in advance (see price list). This applies both to individual students and group programmes. The student is responsible for their visa application process at all times, PARANINFO accepts no responsibility whatsoever in the event of visa refusal. If the student is unable to attend a course because their visa was refused, they must submit the official document of refusal (with the date, signature and stamp) issued by the relevant Spanish Embassy or Consulate, clearly indicating the student’s name, passport number and visa application. Discounts and promotions do not apply to courses which require the aforementioned letter of confirmation.
    If a student visa is denied, PARANINFO will refund the cost of the program minus 500€. The student must provide PARANINFO formal proof (original copy) that their visa application has been denied in order to receive the refund. If this copy is not received by PARANINFO, 100% of the cost of the programme will be charged.
  14. Upon signing the registration form or paying the programmme fees, the student accepts all of the conditions described above. If, under any circumstances, uncontrollable by PARANINFO, accommodation prices increase, PARANINFO will notify the student ahead of said changes. This price supersedes the previously existing price and is valid from January 1, 2019 to December 31, 2019 for all programmmes taking place between these two dates. PARANINFO is not responsible for typographical errors and/or misprints contained in this price.