Spanish Course for Groups – Short Stay

10 alumnos máx
From 2 days
Niveles español
Todos los niveles
Todo el año


Monday to Friday 10:00am to 2:00pm
Lecciones de 55 minutos.

Spanish Course for Groups – Short Stay

Paraninfo Academy offers its students a study trip and an unforgettable experience. We have programs tailored to groups of all ages and interests.


  • For secondary schools, primary schools, educational institutions, universities, groups of friends, etc.
  • Groups of 8 students minimum + accompanying adult.
  • Spanish Course: from 2 to 4 lessons per day.
  • The group has the choice of 10 or 20 lessons per week.
  • 2, 3 or 4-day stay starting on any day of the week.

*It isn’t necessary to arrive during the weekend, it can be any day of the week.

Cultural Program: an optional daily activity in the afternoon/evening.

FREE for accompanying teachers:

  • Spanish course for accompanying teachers.
  • Accommodations for the accompanying teacher of 8 students minimum.
  • Transfer and cultural activities for the accompanying teacher.



Inscripción: 45€

Incluido en la inscripción:

  1. Carpeta de bienvenida
  2. Test de Nivel
  3. Acceso a Internet y WiFi
  4. Primer libro de estudio
  5. Servicio de ayuda al estudiante: compra de billetes, información sobre transportes, etc.
  6. Una o dos actividades culturales gratuitas a la semana
  7. Servicio de Intercambio de Idiomas
  8. Tutorías con los profesores
  9. Certificado final de asistencia al curso y nivel obtenido

Ventajas adicionales:

  • Puedes combinar las clases otras actividades culturales.
  • Horarios de mañana o tarde.
  • También puedes combinar tu curso con nuestros talleres de español o con clases privadas.

Spanish Course for Groups – SHORT STAY PROGRAM

Our SHORT STAY program for groups is perfect for those groups which have little time for the trip (only 2, 3, or 4 days ) but want to make the most of their stay by combining Spanish classes with cultural visits.

It is the perfect program for those groups that would like to shorten their stay (for economic or time limitations) and start the program any day of the week.

Accommodation: For a short stay, we recommend groups to stay in hostels, hotels or in our wonderful University Residence in summer with a swimming pool, game rooms, and other facilities. The rooms can be individual or hotel or summer residence and in hostels there is also the option of rooms for 4.

Airport pick up and transfer service is optional.